1st Photo-TrailO - OLV Landshut

(28-03-2020 - 30-04-2020)
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OLV Landshut

What is Trail Orienteering (TrailO)? [German!]
Description TrailO (PDF) [German!]
About the Photo-TrailO:
  • The Photo-TrailO works like normal TrailO, just that you don't move along a trail in the terrain and watch the control flags from there. Instead, you can only see a picture of the control site and the flags. There is also no timed control, only a PreO part.
  • We took a photo from each of the 10 controls shown on the map. You can see the photos below.
  • At each control site there are between 1 and 3 flags (the number can be seen in column B of the control description)
  • The flags are named with A, B and C from left to right. The viewing direction is shown in column H of the control description.
  • By using the photo, the map and the control description, you have to decide which of the flags is placed correctly (answer is A, B or C) or if maybe none of the flags is placed correctly (answer is Z).
  • There are not too many Z-answers in this Photo TrailO. They can be identified clearly by using the photo.
  • All results sent from 28-03-2020 to 30-04-2020 were collected in a result list. In the meantime the results collection is finished, the solution map has been published. You can still try the Photo TrailO as a training and compare your answers with the results. Enjoy!

Map as PDF (466 kB)   -   Map as PNG (458 kB)


NEW! Final Results (compact) [PDF]

NEW! Final Results (answers) [PDF]

NEW! Nations League [PDF]


NEW! Solution Map [PDF]

NEW! Answer Statistics [PDF]


Map (preview)


Control 1

Posten 1

Control 2

Posten 2

Control 3

Posten 3

Control 4

Posten 4

Control 5

Posten 5

Control 6

Posten 6

Control 7

Posten 7

Control 8

Posten 8

Control 9

Posten 9

Control 10

Posten 10

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